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Paul Manuell and Mike Childs have taken on the NZ department of the Australasian TA2 category via the sole distributor of these vehicles, PBR Distributors in Australia.

NZ has appropriated the TA2 named category as TTV8- TRANS TASMAN V8s and in association with the NZV8 racing class looks forward to a trackside marriage and the road forward for NZ motorsport.

PBR have the sole rights for Australasia for the Howe based TA2 vehicle and have formed a category second to none.

New Zealand will also have a TA2 competition that is run largely in conjunction with the rules and regulations seen in Australia.

The TA2 racecar is a purpose-built racing machine that is designed and tuned purely with the aim of performance. TA2 caters for modern V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive muscle cars available from local dealers.

With engines restricted to 525 horsepower, TA2 promotes permanency while aiming not sacrificing overall performance. The NZV8 TTV8 cars will all be powered by a McLaren Engineering Built 6.2L LS3 Chevrolet engine. Thus, TA2 represents one of the world’s best value platform in racing.

  • Chassis – PBR Specification Manufactured By Howe Racing Enterprises
  • Body: Gen Six Mustang, Gen Six Camaro, Gen Five Challenger
  • Minimum Weight: 1250KG (including Driver)
  • Fuel Capacity: 84 litre fuel cell
  • Engine: 6.2 Litre McLaren Built LS3, maximum 6500 rpm
  • Gearbox: 4 Speed G Force
  • Brakes: Callipers Wilwood, Rotors – AP or Wilwood, Pads – Circo
  • Suspension: Hypercoil
  • Shocks: Penske
  • Diff: Tiger quick change with Detroit Locker
  • Wheels: 15’ x 10’ Bassett steel rims
  • Tyres: Hoosier 3045
  • Electrical: Motec Dash

Series History

TA2 Muscle Car Series is the current evolution of America’s legendary Trans-Am Series which started in the 1960s. TA2 caters for modern V8-powered, rear-wheel drive muscle cars that are filling dealership showrooms across the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The TA2 car is made up of a purpose-built space-frame Howe Racing Enterprises chassis and a controlled GM Motorsport engine package developing 525 horsepower, this ensures a level playing field across the board for great racing.

The TA2 Muscle Car Series formula has risen to prominence, with 40+ grids globally of Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers, drawing its international success from:

  • Focus on cost control
  • Driver talent
  • Strict regulations
  • Promotion of close competition

TA2 Formula​

TA2 is based on a relevant, practical and purposeful racing platform that highlights driver talent and promotes close competition.

Designed, built and tuned with only one thing in mind —performance. The TA2 Muscle Car Series formula is built on a cost effective platform, combining the prowess of a purpose-built racing chassis and a 525 horsepower engine package that causes every head in the paddock to turn and take notice.

At 1250kg and over 525hp there is no other car that can compare to the performance of these cars in their price range.

This formula allows drivers to use their skill behind the wheel, not the money spent on the engine, to set them apart and propel them to the top of the pack.

Series Management

The TA2 Muscle Car Series is supported by a  dedicated community of teams, drivers and management with a passion for motorsport.

TA2 Muscle Car Series Management was formed to operate the TA2 Muscle Car Series and to establish a competition agreement and racing entitlement policy. With a vision of expanding the class, the TTV8 group aims to work with established motor-sport authorities to run in the established national series and a set of national rules and regulations.

The series management group is headed by TTV8 NZ, in conjunction with Australia by former V8 Utes manager Craig Denyer, and PBR Distributions’ Peter Robinson, who manages the importing and distribution of the TA2 and TTV8 cars and equipment from Howe Racing Enterprises in the United States.

In NZ Paul Manuell and Mike Childs of Eastern Automotive Performance Centre manage importing, technical and distribution.

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